• SilentDragon 1.1.0

    duke released this 2 weeks ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    This is a MANDATORY update to protect against attacks from Komodo Platform (KMD). Please upgrade ASAP!

    • 🚀 Binaries include Hush 3.6.0!
    • 🐇 Faster sync times due to increased UTXO caching
    • 🛡️ Protection against Malicious DPoW Attacks from KMD
    • 🤘 Drastically improved TLS 1.3 implementation via WolfSSL
      • 😄 Increases network-level privacy with less attack surface
    • Next block halving estimate is now correct again

    NOTE: You probably want the "with-params" file unless you know you have Sapling Params installed on your system, and in that case, you can download the smaller file. You can also download these files individually. They are what makes shielded addresses (zaddrs) function properly. Your hush node will not start without them.

    42ec4e2033c794b28df73de9ddc80049927d23049d104c0ca46e50a658269fa0  silentdragon-win-1.1.0.zip
    6d227824b928fd85fca3372eca5570658095d6e51f31bdb018cd00a459d89c60  silentdragon-win-1.1.0-with-params.zip
    2f0ebbcbb9bb0bcffe95a397e7eba89c29eb4dde6191c339db88570e3f3fb0e4  sapling-output.params
    8e48ffd23abb3a5fd9c5589204f32d9c31285a04b78096ba40a79b75677efc13  sapling-spend.params