• SilentDragonLite 1.4.0

    duke released this 3 weeks ago | -19 commits to master since this release

    SDL 1.4.0 is a mandatory update!

    • 😎 https://hush.is is our new domain, myhush(.)org was stolen and malicious!
    • 👽 Importing funds from taddr/zaddrs! You can now sweep funds out of a private key into SDL.
      • ❤️ For example, if you have funds in a AtomicDEX/AtomicDefi private key, or any other 3rd party or unsupported (closed-source?) wallet, you can now import those funds into SDL, where they are much safer.
    • 🔥 Various other awesome internals updates.

    f970dfd420f3ed7e263ad192cd3024185e806d91ae0d8097888fc823a61bd3d3 SilentDragonLite-win-1.4.0.zip