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HushChat Beta Guide

Initial Setup

In our example we use HushChat user Alice and HushChat user Bob that both have valid positive Hush values in their wallets.


  • Make sure to send yourself funds 3+ times or with 3+ outputs in one transaction, so you have multiple "notes" to spend. This means you can send another memo before waiting for a confirmation. If you don't, you will need to wait for 1 confirmation every time, before sending.
  • I cannot stress this enough, but make sure to give every contact a different z-addr (z-address)!

HushChat handshake

Alice and Bob first have to initiate the HushChat initial communication handshake otherwise HushChat will not work correctly and you will end up with garbage, like this:

HushChat garbage text appearing as users did not correctly setup HushChat handshake first

Alice begins...
  1. Alice asks Bob for a HushChat z-address (z-addr) to start communicating.

    HushChat tab indicators

  2. Bob clicks on the "Zs1" button in his HushChat tab. The result is that the wallet creates a new z-addr and copies it into his clipboard. We'll call this Bob's HushChat z-addr.

  3. Bob shares his newly created HushChat z-addr with Alice.

  4. Alice receives Bob's HushChat z-addr.

Alice adds Bob as HushChat contact
  1. Alice clicks on the "add contact" button in her HushChat tab, which is to the left of "Zs1". The result is the "Send Contact Request" screen appears with a new z-addr, which we'll call this Alice's HushChat z-addr. This screen appears as:

    HushChat "Send Contract Request" screen

  2. Alice then fills it in as follows:

    • Choose a nickname
    • Enter Bob's HushChat z-addr
    • Choose an avatar (custom avatars coming soon)
    • Add a custom memo introducing yourself
  3. Alice then clicks "Add contact and send request" and then close "send contact request" window (this will autoclose in the future).

Bob confirms new HushChat contact

HushChat tab indicating contact request waiting

  1. Bob clicks on the "incoming contact request" button in his HushChat tab, which is to the left of the "add contact" button. Note that Bob sees a red 1 here instead of the zero, as seen above. The result is the "Incoming Contact Request" screen, which is shown here:

    HushChat "Incoming Contact Request" screen

  2. Bob then clicks on the request as seen here:

    HushChat "Incoming Contact Request" screen with user clicking on an open request

  3. Bob then fills it in as follows:

    • Choose a nickname
    • Choose an avatar (custom avatars coming soon)
  4. Bob then clicks "Add new contact" and sees the following "Added Contact" popup, which he clicks "OK" on.

    HushChat "Added Contact" popup window

Now Patience...
  1. Now Bob sends a HushChat message to Alice. It may take a few minutes. This process became twice as fast as of November 2020 at Block 340,000, when our block time decreased to 75 seconds.

  2. Alice then responds once she receives Bob's message.


Now both Alice and Bob are able to type encrypted memos (messages) back and forth and enjoy a bit of privacy 😎

Active HushChat between users


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